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Financial Freedom Fraternity is a Group of IFA’s , MF Relationship managers and Trainers whose aim is to provide financial freedom to the people of our country India. The biggest role to provide financial freedom to the people of our nation is by making them financially Free. This can happen in many ways and the most important way is creating wealth and goal based plans for individuals of our nation

As a strong tribe of FFF( Financial Freedom Fraternity ) our work will be to reach out to more and more people of India and help them plan for goals and invest in the most transparent investment product .

Meaning of Freedom for a nation is when all the people of that nation live a wealthy life full of happiness. Financial Advisor, Fund Manager and a MF Sales Representative are the people who can bring Financial Freedom to the people of our country and finally taking our Nation to the new Glories .So lets get together and form a fraternity which talks and speaks one language.

What is in it? The FFF will learn to conduct the inspiring and engaging game called “The Volatility Game “and take it to new and old clients .

Order A Copy of the Book - The Volatility Game, Available At

Or Call Us on +919831020826. MRP Rs.299

What has to be done?

1) Apply to become a part of the Financial Freedom Fraternity with the attached form.

2) Attend the one day workshop to Conduct the 90 mins “The Volatility Game”

3) Get empowered with knowledge of – using technology, using NLP in Communication , Handling objection form clients in the one day workshop.

4) Get tools like the software to conduct the game, PPT for the Investor Education Program, Videoto engage and inspire participants and songs to motivate audience to invest.

5) Get a unique User ID and Password to access www.volatilitygame.com and open yourself to theFFF . Network and learn from each other. Get updates of all the Programs on Volatility Game across India and upload your program details on the website so that new people can come to your program when it is organized.

6) Give access to an App where clients can play the Volatility Game and continuously engage with you as his/ her Advisor.( to be launched soon)

7) Register yourself with a one time fee of Rs 32000 Plus GST from 1st Sept 2018 and become a member of Fraternity for life time.


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