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Bio Sheet of Kanak Kr Jain

Personal profile of Kanak Kr Jain -The Volatility Coach, International Speaker, Trainer & Author

Kanak Kr Jain is a Volatility Coach, international speaker, trainer and an author, in addition to being a Certified Financial Planner. Besides his own immediate field of expertise as the Founder-of a very successful SSL Academy and Volatility Games. Kanak is the author a book on  personal finance called The Volatility Game – Play & Grow Rich published by Times Group in 2016. Kanak has authored another bestseller book “ Behave Your Finance” based on Vikram Betaal Stories published by penman books in 2020. Kanak has created 19 intellectual games on personal finance and the creativity continues. Kanak is the founder of very successful SSL Academy which engage, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of gaming in personal finance, unparallel storytelling and creativity. SSL Academy certifies Financial Advisors, investors and students with practical training on the Capital Market. Kanak is an enchanting and energetic speaker, and has conducted many inspirational, motivational, skills development and finance-oriented training sessions for many reputed organizations and institutions. Kanak has been working as a Wealth Coach for many years, but beyond financial planning, imparting financial literacy to the people has become his ultimate goal. He is people-centered and believes in building leaders for tomorrow. Training, for him, is a passion and a way of life. To put it in his own words; “My mission in life is to ensure the growth of at least one human being everyday through financial planning, engaging-games and training!” He is a voracious reader himself, a strong proponent of arhatic yoga and listens to energy-filled music. He is a lover of nature, arts and people, above all. 

Conducted workshops for over 100,000 people in last 10 years. presented to organisations like- 

Financial Institutions Like ICICI Prudential MF, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, Axis MF, Nippon India MF, UTI Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, SBI , 

Non Financial Institutions like Baja Auto, Tata Power, Sony, KONE Elevators, Dabur India Ltd, Reliance Jio, Kolher India Ltd, Randstad India , Titan , CDE Asia , Jeweler firms and IP law firms 

Social Organisations like Rotary International ,Lions, TPF, JITO and many more.

Business Schools and Colleges like IBS Kolkata, St Xaviers Kolkata, SRM University Ghaziabad, SNDTW University Mumbai, George Telegraph College and many Engineering Colleges 

Top Strengths : Activator(Execution), Positivity, Achiever, Developer and Connectedness.

Some of the workshops conducted by Kanak Kr Jain are:

Volatility Game Play and Grow Rich- A 2 hr game to understand ReBalance Strategy in investment. Returns can be made with all asset classes – equity, debt, real estate and bullion if the entry and exit is strategized properly. Understand the out of box strategies, 8th wonder of world and formula of making money

Write your success– How sales professionals can increase sale through graphology and by learning art of handwriting analysis.- One day workshop – 6hrs workshop

FACE– Financial Advise Communication & Empowerment – 6-10 hrs workshops on becoming a master communicator for influence. 

Energy Consciousness in Communication and life- Understanding energy and the law of attraction – 1 day workshop / 2 hr workshop

Asset Allocation Game– Game of rebalancing with different asset classes and live a relaxed life.

Small Workshops like- Vision Game, Chemical Locha, Selling Success, Forces of Success, Product Positioning, Leadership skills, Communication skills, NLP skills in Communication and many more

Rebalance Volatility Certification Course (RVCC) – A joint certification of SSL Academy with NSE Academy  ( 18 hrs Program )- All Modules 2 hrs each

Module on The Volatility Game Play & Grow Rich https://youtu.be/4VBhJjAqvXQ

Intro Video of Kanak Kr Jain https://youtu.be/XKHjffRPqiM

Feedback of audience who attend Volatility Game – 

Ph +91 9831020826

Email – kanak@sslacademy.org

Website – www.volatilitygame.com

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Linked in http://linkedin.com/in/kanakjain

Twitter @kanakkrjain

Financial Freedom Fraternity FB Page https://www.facebook.com/FinancialFreedomFraternity/

YouTube channel – https://youtube.com/c/KanakJainVC

Behave your finance Book link – https://www.amazon.in/Behave-Your-Finance-Kanak-Jain-ebook/dp/B08HPR3G71/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=behave+your+finance&qid=1599753207&sr=8-2