Volatility Coach

Why you should become a Volatility Coach?

  • Do you want your clients to discover investment strategies or only just know and know ?
  • Do you want your prospects and investors to participate and engage in your presentations ?
  • Do you want conduct & have Intellectual licence to conduct 21 Personal Finance and leadership games for life ?
  • Do you wish to become a world class presenter & communicator ?
  • Do you wish to be more creative and create your own stuff (through creativity game ) and have access to over 2000 creatives ?
  • Amplify your media presence with the Economic Times and other media coverage.
  • Remain connected with the most elite gr of Volatility coaches across India . Get help from and help to fellow VCs any day any time .
  • Get mentoring session and also mentor fellow VCs during the year
  • Do you wish to do Mutual Funds scheme selection in 2-3 mins through the research tools ?
  • Do you wish to make the Sustainability Matrix ,use various VG calculators presentations and Detailed financial planning software for life long befits ?
  • Access to updated Game software ,data and research in your practice always for the life ?
  • Do wish to have master classes almost all the Thursdays during the year (and recording if you miss )?
  • Last but not the least -” it’s time to give ” to the industry . It is in giving that you receive many many times always !!!


For Conducting Training Programs & IAPs

1. 21 Volatility Games & Puzzles Which Can be Used to conduct Training Programs (All Volatility Games Mentioned Below)
2. Access to All the Beyond Classroom Programs and FFF Professionals Meet across India ) virtual and physical
3. Attend All VC Master Classes Meetings with Other Volatility Coaches. It is a Program we do For Only Volatility Coaches

Certification Program Tie-Ups

1. RVCC Tie-Up with NSE Academy (VCs Eligible for Trainers Free for Conducting RVCC)
2. MBA/PGDM Programs with Private Universities Coming Soon

Branding for The Elite Tribe of Volatility Coaches

1. Eligibility to Use Volatility Coach After Your Name Along with The Logo
2. Your Picture & Your Client’s Story in the ET Magazine Coverage (Refer to The Attached Magazine)
3. Opportunity to Be a Speaker in the Scale-up Skills Program with Business Line.
4. Opportunity to Be Highlighted Through Digital Media Like Jiyo Business, Tattwa World & Print Media.

Optional Tie-Ups for VCs (Including Overriding & Team Building Opportunities)

1. POSP Insurance Tie-Up
2. Peer to Peer Lending Tie
3. Small case Tie-Up
4. Global Mutual Fund Tie ups
5. PMS? Alternative Investing Tieups
Note: The Commission Structure is as Per Market Standards. Once You be a Volatility Coach, We Will Connect You to The Respective Organisations.

Visiting Professors : At SSL Academy and various other Universities with tie ups Volatility Coaches can be onboarded as visiting faculty and professors. This will entirely depend on the contribution and capability of each individual

VC Mentors : A Structured program in form of FFF Pro Members is already in place and the Volatility Coaches can opt to become a Mentor in the program and contribute further to the upcoming MFDs and get remunerated .

International Study Exchange Program- We will be initiating various Study exchange program internationally with groups of Financial Advisors cross Border. The VC mentors and contributors to the Financial Freedom Fraternity will be eligible for such programs at no cost or at a very nominal Costs.

Morning #Yourstruly Creatives – VCs will receive every morning new Creatives to share with their investors and grow business. These creatives are original and white labelled. Over 1000 such templets are also a part of the VC dash board.

Other Benefits_ All benefits available to FFF Pro members is automatically available like calculators, MF Analysis Tools, Fundamental Analysis Tools and much more.

Why Be a Volatility Coach?

A Volatility Coach is like a GPS for an investor. He/She is like a light house. As a coach one can grow 100X very fast. Life time assurance of content and tools. Specially engaging games to engage existing and new customers. Continuous skill enhancement for the VCs to grow exponentially and give an extra ordinary experience. If an MFD is looking to grow exponentially by reaching to new corporates and customers by conducting engaging activities and programs in form of games then Volatility Coach program is the best possible way to do the same. 

Being a Volatility Coach will give you an Opportunity to Conduct Training Sessions with People. It will help you in conducting Training sessions Using the Volatility Games, which is a Unique Way of Engaging with People & Creating an Extraordinary Experience for Them. This Will give you an Opportunity to become an educator along with MFD.

 It Will Also give you an opportunity to Engage & be a part of an Elite Tribe of Educators & MFDs who are very passionate about the Finance Freedom and Growth.

List of All Volatility Games & Software
  1. Volatility Game
  2. Debt Volatility Game
  3. Fundamental Analysis Volatility Game
  4. Technical Analysis Volatility Game
  5. Asset Allocation Game
  6. Mutual Fund Analysis Game
Board Games (All of These Will Be Couriered to You)
  1. Illusion Game- Bull & Bear – One will follow other
  2. Boom Card Game- Take Risk and know more
  3. Perfect Square- Emergency Fund
  4. Re-Balance It Again!- Rebalance Fund strategy
Board/ Card Coming soon
  1. Flexi Cap Card Game
  2. Tol Mol Ke Goal- Financial Planning Game
  3. Funda Attack- Fundamental Analysis Game for stock selection
Leadership Games
  1. Vision Game
  2. Influencer Game
  3. Creativity Game
Software for Personal Use
  1. Mutual Fund Analysis Tool
  2. Equity Analysis Tool
  3. Detailed Financial Planning Software
Virtual Puzzles
  1. 9 dots game
  2. Conditioning puzzle
  3. Crises cover
  4. Sales Puzzles

Once you be a Volatility Coach, All Games We Release in Future Will Be Accessible to You Free of Cost.

Type Life Time Membership Additional Life Membership
Rs 1.67 Lakh + 18% GST
Rs 41,750 + 18% GST
Not Renewed This is one time for life fee
Renewed Every Year at Prevailing Annual Fee
All of The Above
All of The Above

Note: Prices Are Inclusive of Taxes

Volatility Coach Life Time Membership Program
Volatility Coach Additional Life Membership Program
Volatility Coach Life Time Membership Program:
Pay in 5 Instalments

Note 1: VC life Memebeship is not refundable nor transferable in any circumstance. ( VC life Memebeship is given to individuals ( not company nor to any family member of the VC) which is a licence to use the IP products of SSL Academy.

Note 2: Any physical product manufactured by SSL Academy like Puzzle game , board game , card game etc need to be purchased by the VC at a cost (which is usually at a discount for the VC )

Note3: Any product which is not produced by SSL Academy but from an external vendor need to be purchased at the deal price with the vendor which is also usually at a discounted price for VCs.

Why Volatility Coach?

Hear from Volatility

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