Jyoti Charan Samman

Financial Freedom Fraternity (FFF) is organising first of its kind engagement event called “Jyoti Charan Samman” to recognise the Parents of the MFDs and AMC employees. The success of the MFDs and AMC employees is because of their Parents and the Timeless Sacrifice they have made for years to ensure the success of the MFD or AMC employees.

Jyoti Charan Samman to Recognise and share a Successful and Happy retirement life with the world. These people have successfully lived happy and prosperous life. They have also given birth to children who are a successful Financial Advisors today. They are now helping thousands of Families & Individuals to become Financially Free. To a great extent, the mindset of the successful financial advisor has come from their Parents & Jyoti Caran Samman Celebrates such Great Parents.

Jyoti Charan Samman - Delhi 2024

Jyoti Charan Samman - Kolkata 2022