Beyond Classrooms

S1 Retirement Planning with Asset Allocation

Retirement Planning and Asset Allocation Glimpses

S2 Confidence

21 Days Confidence Building Plan

S3 Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills in association with Kotak AMC Glimpses

S4 International Best Practice Management

International Best Practice Management in association with Kotak AMC Glimpses

S5 Wellness


S6 Digital Interphase

Digital Interphase

S7 Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

S8 Financial Planning & Estated Planning

FPEP (A Joint Certification From MFU & SSL Academy)

S9 Wisdom From Best Selling Books

Topic- Wisdom from Best Selling Books

S10 Insurance Planning & risk Management

Insurance Planning & Risk Management

S11 Strategy for Managing Portfolio

Strategy for managing portfolio

S12 Back Office Management

Back Office Management

S13 Alternative Investments & leverage

Alternative Investments & Leverage

S14 Get Your Productivity with VG Tools, Softwares & games

Grow Your Productivity With VG Tools, Softwares & Games

S15 Strategy for MFDs

Join Live Session

S16 Ideation to Implementation

Ideation to implementation

S17 PMS and AIFs

Portfolio Management Session – 1 PMS / AIFs

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