MBA Finance/ Personal Finance- (MBA Finance) in Association with our University Partner
Content of the 24 months program (Including 6 months practical training & 4 SEMISTERS) -Students
Challenger Status 15 months (for working professionals) Total training hrs 400

  1. Overview of Indian global Financial Sector
  2. Concept of Wealth management
    .Personal finance Statement- financial planning
    .Financial Statement
    .Wealth management vs. portfolio management
    .Net worth Management vs. wealth management
  3. Life cycle management
  4. Types of Asset Class
  5. Definition of money – Law of Attraction
  6. Wealth Management [Risk Management]- understanding Volatility
  7. Estate planning vs. trust planning
  8. Equity Analysis
  9. Technical Analysis
  10. Fundamental Analysis
  11. Technical Analysis
  12. Behavioural Finance Management
  13. Portfolio management Services
  14. Debt vs loan Management
  15. Financial Planning
  16. Mutual fund Analysis
  17. Options & derivatives
  18. Marketing in Finance
  19. Communications in Finance
  20. Digital marketing in Finance
  21. Leadership management & team management – Vision Game
  22. Social media management for Finance professionals
  23. PR management & branding for Finance Professions
  24. Crypto Currency and frame work and investment
  25. Insurance – Life and General
  26. Currency Trading and investment
  27. Exchanges BSE, NSE etc
  28. Depository and Registrar participants – NSDL, CDSL, CAMS, Karvy etc
  29. Selling an art or science
  30. Commodity Trading and investment
  31. Peer 2 Peer lending- New NBFC category authorised by RBI
  32. Global Investing and global markets