FFF Professional's Meet Alternative Investing

FFF Professional’s Meet - Alternative Investing - Kolkata | Glimpse
Expertly curated Loans sourced from premier lending companies - Vishal Agarwal
Big Platforms as enablers - Madhusudan ML
How to increase MFDs business Pie - Nirmal K Rewaria
How to evaluate different P2P Platforms - Aagam Maniar
MFDs Creating your own Tailwinds - Anunaya Kumar
Investment Philosophy SCDV - Nishant Vass
Market Linked Debentures | The Predictable Passive - Bhavik Thakkar
Fintech & Loan against MF Securities - Bharat Lamba
Investing with Start Ups AIF Cat1 - Ajay Modi
How to sell AIF and PMS to HNI Investors - Vikash Kumar
Story from a banker to MFD who sell AIFs and PMS - Amit Kumar Jha
How to Sell Fixed Income Opportunities for Investors - Sourabh Jain
P2P Game part 1 - Kanak Kr Jain