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Subh Shree Commercial Company Limited (SSL): SSL is a listed Public Limited Company. Registered office- Nilhat House, 6thFloor, 11 R N Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700001, website- www.volatilitygame.com email – help@asksuskan.com

SSL Academy is the education wing of SSL

1. Capital Market Training
2. Imparting training in financial portfolio management.
3. Imparting training in communication skills to Finance Professionals
4. Certification Program with gamification on finance markets

Other activities of SSL:

SSL Academy has created a unique workshop based game "The Volatility Game-Play & grow rich" which through gamification teaches individuals to manage financial portfolios successfully in the ever changing market conditions. VG focuses on how to rebalance asset classes of a portfolio to keep pace with market situations.

SSL Academy Managing Director, Kanak Jain has also authored the book "The Volatility Game - Play & Grow Rich". This was published in Aug 2016 by the prestigious Times Group Books and is a best seller. Its Hindi version is also about to publish very soon.

SSL has created several tribes where like-minded people with similar aims form a tribe. The current tribes that SSL looks after and manages are:

1) Financial Freedom Fraternity: 118 Trainers ( Financial Advisors) conduct Volatility Game across India reaching out to thousands of people every month. The number of licensed trainers are growing fast and is expected to reach 200 by March 2019, creating thousands of prospective investors every month. This huge number of people will be a ready market for upcoming financial literacy conferences and the other new products and services that SSL is going to launch in the future.
2) Financial Freedom Fraternity Global - The Volatility Game is already launched in Australia and will be launched in the UK and US in 2020. The tribe of licensed trainers and thousands of Financial Advisors that this launch will create will be a big force to promote various products and services across the globe.
3) Money Magnet Tribe – Students/ Investors of age group 18-30 are being trained on the capital market where they are getting practical hands-on training on investments and trading in the capital market. This is currently operating with only a few select business schools and institutions at present but has all the potentials to grow into a very big tribe. The number of students under active management is expected to grow to 10,000 or more by Dec 2019. In this big and highly scale-able project SSL Academy is not advising but training.